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Reversing the Irreversible

Today’s Scripture:  

Ezekiel 37:12 Therefore prophesy and say unto them, Thus say the Lord God, Behold O my people , I will open your grave, and cause you to come up out of your graves, and bring you into the land.[KJV]

Today’s Word:
We have all had our own share of unfair things in the world. Many of us have gone through heartaches, pressure, problems, tribulation, persecution, or guilt. It takes the great God to do great things in our lives.Ezekiel had an encounter with dry rotten bones. They had been dry for decades; in fact no one remembered them. They were located in an isolated valley. But the supernatural eyes of the almighty God found them out. God moves beyond human ability to reverse the irreversible, find the unfindable, sink the unsinkable, connect the unconnected, move the unmovable and He will visit you for an exciting experience in Jesus name.
What are you looking for? Let Jesus do the search for you.
Prayer points:
1.      Oh God, thank You for this great revelation.
2.      Oh God, whatever physical challenges in my life, they are resolved in Jesus name.
3.      In this year whatever I have deemed impossible {list all} will be possible for me today in Jesus name.
4.      Whatever I find most impossible to accomplish is accomplished today in Jesus name.
5.      Every chain of impossibility around that nagging situation is broken now in the name of Jesus.
6.      Possibilities will be my experience this year.
7.      Nothing shall tamper with my testimonies this year.
8.      Whatever God has slated for me, receive speed now in the mighty name of Jesus.

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