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Youth Ministry

The Vineyard of Grace Youth Ministry, also known as the Here to Overcome (H20) Ministry, is called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ which empowers to impact the world.  The H20 Ministry is for youth ages 13-21 years old. We aim to inspire, uplift, and cultivate hidden treasures in a chosen generation.

















H20 Youth Ministry offers a variety of programs, events and activities to promote Christian living and spiritual strength for adolescents and young adults ages 13 years  and older. We believe in holistic training and mentoring. We  realize the importance and value of young people. We are not a social club, striving simply to provide activities for young people. Our main goal as a church is to build lives for the future. This requires a great deal of dedication, patience, understanding and love.


It is our desire to instill in all youth a love for the Lord Jesus Christ, a yearning to know Him more closely, and a willingness to be used by Him now and in the future.This is not to say that that we are against “having fun” and allowing young people to enjoy life. Our Youth Ministry provides exciting activities: annual retreat, roller-skating, ice-skating, bowling, Step Team, and community service.The H2O Youth Ministry seeks to improve the relationships of young adults with Christ, themselves and each other by organizing and promoting activities catering to the spiritual, emotional and social needs of today’s young adult. Whether through Bible Study (The Experience), spiritual retreats, or a variety of recreational and innovative experiences