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Welcome To CPM Vineyard of Grace

Welcome to our church site, CPM Vineyard of Grace is a God-fearing, Bible-believing church. We don't only encourage you to put your gifts to work, but we help you realize your hidden potentials. Training and guiding you towards fulfillment in God. We believe you can be what God has created you to be, despite whatever might be happening around you today,for only the counsel of the Lord alone shall stand. Our God is the unchangeable changer, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever …Heb 13: 8. Come and enjoy series of testimonies of breakthroughs, deliverance, and blessings of all kinds. Call for counseling, prayers or better yet worship with us on any of our service days, you will be glad you came.
Living one day at a time. No matter how long the night looks like, day will certainly brake. The scripture said ' He will keep the feet of his holy ones; But the wicked shall be put to silence in darkness; For by strength shall no man prevail" (1 Samuel 2:9)
Keep your eyes focus on God, pray always, and never let your faith in God fail. You will surely overcome.


CPM Vineyard of Grace is a ministry ordained by God to preach the gospel and deliverance to the people; and creating awareness for His second coming. The main focus is to spread the gospel of peace and love and to raise sons and daughters for his glory.


The vision of CPM Vineyard of Grace is in three inter-related folds and it is set out as follows:
1. Bringing deliverance to the people.

2. Creating awareness for the second coming of Christ.

3. Preparing the saints for Rapture.



6856 Distribution Drive Beltsville MD 20705
(202) 489-2600